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Ode to Adrienne, my cute Kitty

Clyde and Queen Adrienne
RIP - June 19, 2007

I just put down to sleep one of the true loves of my life, Adrienne the Queen Kitty.

She was diagnosed about a month ago with stomach cancer that spread to her lungs. I found out about it when I stepped off my cruise. She slowly lost her appetite as the weeks have gone on by since the cruise. Interestingly enough, she woke me up at 5:45 am this past Sunday howling!! I thought she was in pain. It turns out she had her faced pressed to the glass door and was howling at a feral kitten playing with her rope outside. I had to laugh. Even in her weakened state, Adrienne protected the roost.

Adrienne has been with me almost the entire time I’ve had my business – since 2006 when I was in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment – my office was in my living room. She’s been through at least 5 moves and more turmoil. Both she and Dylan were hated at my last place in Mt. View. They were attacked by the next door neighbor’s cats. We had to work out an arrangement where Adrienne and Dylan stayed in at nights and on the weekends. One of my favorite things to do with Adrienne was to take her on a walk at night. We’d walk the sidewalk, er…, I’d walk the sidewalk and she would walk under cars. It was cute how her white paws got soot and car gunk all over them. She loved crawling up inside cars. We usually walked after 10 pm, so no cars were moving. She loved it…she could explore, safely, and make her way back with her guardian – that’s me.

Another favorite moment was when I went outside and heard Adrienne meowing. I looked everywhere for her and couldn’t find her. I then looked up and saw she was climbing around on the slotted over hang over my patio. I would put a stick up there and she would play with it. (Don’t let your kids do this – a little dangerous!).

On Sunday, I took Adrienne to the vet. Rachel, the vet, pumped her with fluids and gave her some pills to ease the pain of the stomach cancer. I continued giving her pills, but didn’t have the heart to puncture her for fluids. She looked so delicate. Adrienne meowed and meowed at the vet, though. Full of spunk, jumping off the table. That night – she even jumped from the ground to the fence, for the last time. Last night when I returned home, she was waiting in the carport for me. She screamed and screamed and didn’t want a walk, nor did she want food. I think this was her telling me she was ready to go. She only did this 1 or 2 other times – ever. Today and last night there was no evidence of any food being eaten. I couldn’t get her to eat cat food – so I gave her a little of my Tofurky. She ate a few pieces. Later in the day, she puked her guts out. Today, I came home to find her completely unresponsive, hanging out by the litter box in the sun. I called the vet, Rachel, and she came over and put Adrienne down.

Adrienne left in her favorite blanket. She left about 1 year and 2 months after her brother Dylan. She was actually 1 year older than him, living to 13 years. If you haven’t put an animal to sleep, it’s one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever go through as an animal guardian. But, it’s even worse to let the animal live for you, in pain. It was Adrienne’s time – I’m glad I was here to witness it. Check out the photo collection I made in tribute to Adrienne.

Take care all – and remember – love the ones you’re with now – because you never know when they’ll be gone.



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